Leah’s Transformation

Leah Shadwick was born and raised in New York City, where she developed her sense of humor and street smarts. While working as a fashion stylist on photo shoots and commercials, she had a life-changing experience with acupuncture that inspired her to study its foundations and pursue a career in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.   She had little familiarity with acupuncture at the time, but she was amazed by how it had the ability to elevate her emotionally and physically.  Not only did some chronic shoulder pain and digestive issues get better in response to treatment, but her perspective on what was possible for her own life and health was broadened. She truly saw the world in a different way!   She realized that alternatives exist to the stress, anxiety, worry, and poor diet that plagued her own and so many other contemporary lifestyles, and she knew that acupuncture could play a role in bringing full mind-body wellness and happiness to herself and others.

Following this personal epiphany, Leah began sharing her experiences with family and friends, whom she encouraged to try acupuncture for themselves.   After so many of them underwent transformations that mirrored her own, she began to feel called to a vocation of bringing the benefits of acupuncture to others   Leaving behind the city grew up in,  she moved south to Austin to begin that life’s work by formally studying acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine.  Now licensed and practicing with her own clinic, she continues to direct people towards creating  their own story of healing and transformation.  Her personal experience allows her to understand and convey to others what it takes to make lasting changes in one’s life–changes that bring full mind-body wellness and happiness.