Leah is a lovely person with a warm, beautiful spirit. She is very intuitive, sincere and nurturing. I came to her because I had been experiencing amenorrhoea for eight months after discontinuing the use of birth control pills for several years. After a few months of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, my cycle started up again. I was truly amazed and fascinated. She often checked in with me outside of our sessions to make sure I was feeling all right and promptly answered any questions or concerns I had. She really took the time and made the extra effort because she genuinely cares. She gave helpful nutritional advice specific to my body type that alleviated some uncomfortable symptoms, and she suggested different types of exercise to help manage stress. My visits with Leah and her treatments helped get me back in balance physically, spiritually and emotionally, and I am very thankful and grateful to have met her. Every week, I looked forward to being in her company as she has such a warm and calming energy. I was very sad when she moved away, but am excited for others to experience her gifts!

·Laura Boland·

I am currently being treated by Leah Shadwick, licensed acupuncturist, for the past year. She is treating me for my “hot flashes” that come with menopause. These “hot flashes” are horrible. They can come on at any time of the day or night. When they do – you better stay far away from me!! The heat is so intense. Well, not any more. Leah has done a tremendous job of eliminating them. That’s right, “eliminating” them. The treatments I received were weekly for the first three months. She then gradually reduced them to every other week and then once a month. The effects were the gradual reduction of the hot flashes from three or four a day down to once a day and then once or twice a week. As of now I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time that I even had one. Leah’s work ethic and kind and caring “bed-side” manner speaks volumes. She truly is a wonderful person!!

·Christine Marley·

Leah Shadwick opened the door for me to the world of Chinese medicine. There lie the paths she gently guides me along: those of physical, mental and spiritual well being. An exemplary practitioner, Leah has a genuine desire to fully understand my needs. The unwavering resolve with which she finds solutions for my good health along with her special gift of ‘hands on’ has me repeatedly returning to her table and departing swathed in comfort with my soul nourished.

·Andrea Haber·

I came to Leah because I fell, and it caused an acute injury to my left shoulder, called a Proximal Humerus Fracture. I was prescribed Physical Therapy for the pain and rehabilitation.   It was helpful but unfortunately my insurance company only covered 12 visits.   I couldn’t afford more physical therapy at the time, so I had to seek other measures of rehabilitation.  Surgery was recommended but I  declined. Then Leah Shadwick, acupuncturist, was recommended to me for my pain and well being.  My pain started subsiding, I felt emotionally better and I started enjoying Leah’s relaxing, and healing treatments. Leah’s bedside manner on its own was a incredible experience.  I had a stress free and welcoming experience with each appointment. The environment was also very calming and meditative.  I was not reimbursed by my insurance company for my acupuncture sessions, but it was the best money I have spent on my health and more affordable than paying for physical therapy. My health comes first!  I am feeling great and still go for maintenance acupuncture sessions with Leah.  The decision not to have the surgery and go to acupuncture was the best decision I ever made.

·Helen Jackson·